Any instrument, any age, any level

From complete beginners to diploma students and beyond, we can provide an experienced teacher who specialises in your chosen instrument. Please see below for more details.

Haven't yet decided on an instrument? – no problem! Young children can join our Mini Music classes, or please phone or email to make an appointment for an informal and helpful discussion of your or your child's options.

Piano lessons at Hindhead Music Centre


The piano is of course our most popular instrument, so we have a choice of teachers and can almost certainly accommodate you at a convenient time. For young children just starting on their pianistic journey, we also offer Preliminary Piano classes of up to 4 children, which introduce them to the joy of piano playing with puzzles and games.

Violin and cello lessons at Hindhead Music Centre


We have several teachers for violin, viola, cello, and double bass (including jazz string bass). We offer traditional teaching and/or the renowned Suzuki Method for young children. String players can also join our Saturday afternoon string orchestras, where they will learn the tricky art of ensemble playing – and have a lot of fun at the same time!

Flute, clarinet, oboe and bassoon lessons at Hindhead Music Centre


The flute and clarinet are probably the most popular woodwind instruments (along with the saxophone, which is technically woodwind, not brass!) – but we also offer lessons in oboe and bassoon. We also have the Wind Band led by Jonny Ford – because one of the best things about playing a musical instrument is playing it with others!

Trumpet, horn, trombone and tuba lessons at Hindhead Music Centre


From the bright sound of the trumpet, via the mellow horn and all the way down to the trombone and tuba, you'll find a sympathetic and talented teacher here at Hindhead. And you can also join Jonny Ford's Wind Band – because it's even more fun when we make music together!

Guitar lessons at Hindhead Music Centre


Along with the piano, the guitar is probably one of the most popular instruments worldwide, and our guitar teachers can teach you or your child everything from classical through folk, country, rock, and pop, on acoustic and/or electric instruments.

Harp lessons at Hindhead Music Centre


The founder of the Hindhead Music Centre, Ann Hughes-Chamberlain, is herself a retired professional harpist so this instrument is close to our hearts! We can of course teach both lever and pedal harp, so you or your child can share the joy of playing the instrument of the angels!

Singing lessons at Hindhead Music Centre


Our singing teachers can accommodate both children and adults, in every style from classical lieder to operatic to pop and rock. Whether your icon is Maria Callas or Taylor Swift, we can help you achieve that dream!

Drum lessons at Hindhead Music Centre

Drum kit

The drum kit provides the rhythmic backbone of many music styles, and learning to play well requires considerable dexterity – and like all instruments, a lot of (noisy!) practice! Want to be the next John Bonham? - let us help you along the way!

Music lessons at Hindhead Music Centre

And anything else!

Over the years we've been called upon to provide lessons in a variety of more unusual instruments and while we can't make any promises, our network of contacts built up over decades means that there's a pretty good chance we can help!

Why learn at Hindhead?

For nearly 50 years we've been guiding musicians young and old through the musical maze, so we have enormous experience and there is little about teaching a musical instrument that we do not know! And as a specialist music teaching establishment we can offer facilities which are hard to find elsewhere.

Flexible timetabling – schedule lessons for several children at the same time!
Groups, orchestras and ensembles – because music is all about playing together with others!
Theory classes, exam preparation – we can offer the auxiliary services to back up the practical lessons
Comfortable waiting room and coffee shop to enjoy while you wait for your little ones.
Easy access and easy parking – we're on the A287 between Hindhead and Haslemere,
easily accessible from the A3 and from Liphook, Grayshott, Milford, Liss, Farnham, Frensham,
Tilford and other local villages in Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex.

But most importantly, we all learn more easily and more happily when surrounded
by other like-minded people in an atmosphere which combines enthusiasm and fun, while
always maintaining the highest standards possible.

More information

Tuition is normally one-to-one except where mentioned. Most pupils will have one half-hour lesson
a week, but we can also arrange one-hour and fortnightly lessons.

All tutors are DBS checked and have child safeguarding awareness certificates.

The school is normally open from 9.00am to 9.00pm, Monday to Saturday during termtime, so we can
almost certainly schedule a weekly lesson at a time to suit you or your child. If you have more than
one child learning, we may well be able to schedule lessons together so as to minimise travel.

Optionally we will prepare pupils for the Associated Board or Trinity music examinations,
and every term we run pre-exam run-throughs for all candidates, to help you get the best
possible mark. Our record for ABRSM exams over the years is unsurpassed: very often a majority
of our pupils are awarded distinctions, and failures are almost unheard-of.

Hindhead Music Centre is a non-profit-making company limited by guarantee. Fees are set to cover
the Centre's running costs and no more; any profits are ploughed back into the Centre itself.

Call or email now for more information
(01428) 604941