We have no less than seven professional string instrument teachers working with us at Hindhead Music Centre. This range of teachers for violin, viola, cello, and double bass means that we take the effort out of finding the one who is right for you or your child. The quality of tuition is unmatched in the area. We also offer flexible timetabling and a wide variety of additional services and facilities, ensuring that Hindhead Music Centre is the right choice both for novice and more advanced learners.

Tuition is one-to-one. Normally pupils will have one lesson a week of half an hour, during term time. All tutors are DBS checked and have child safeguarding awareness certificates.

Suzuki violin

We also have specialist Suzuki-trained violin teachers who offer tuition to the very young.

Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy was that children learn to speak their mother tongue by listening to their parents (Chinese children come to speak perfect Chinese, French children perfect French, and so on). Equally, children can learn to play the violin by listening, long before they are able to read music, just as we are able to pronounce language before we read it. Once they are able to make a beautiful sound and play in tune, then we can begin to teach the children sight-reading.

Regular group sessions are an important part of the system, when young violinists come together to play musical games and to hear each other perform the pieces they are learning.

When: The school is open from 9:00am to 9:00pm, so you can schedule a weekly lesson at a time to suit you or your child. Suzuki violin group sessions are on Saturday mornings, at 9:00am and 10:00am.
Cost: £255 per term for 10 lessons.
For more info or to book a teacher: please call 01428 604941 or email us.