We have three singing teachers working with us at Hindhead Music Centre, teaching across a wide variety of musical styles. This range of teachers means that we take the effort out of finding the one who is right for you or your child. The quality of tuition is unmatched in the area. We also offer flexible timetabling and a wide variety of additional services and facilities, ensuring that Hindhead Music Centre is the right choice both for novice and more advanced learners.

Tuition is one-to-one. Normally pupils will have one lesson a week of half an hour, during term time. All tutors are DBS checked and have child safeguarding awareness certificates.

When: The school is open from 9:00am to 9:00pm, so you can schedule a weekly lesson at a time to suit you or your child.
Cost: £248 per term for 10 lessons.
For more info or to book a teacher: please call 01428 604941 or email us.

Children’s Choir & Opera Company

Children aged about 6 to 12 make up this wonderful group who love to sing. They perform a wide variety of music, putting on children’s operas at end of term concerts, and also singing pop, traditional, and folk music.

The Choir is one way we feel we can encourage a love of music in the young at minimal expense to parents – just £2 per session! We’re always looking for new members of the two choirs (junior and senior), and encourage musical children who can sing in tune and are happy to make the commitment to come along! There’s always a concert at the end of each term. The children make new friends from different schools, and the emphasis is on performance, good singing and fun!

When: The Junior Training Choir meets each week between 11.50am – 12:20pm, with the Senior Choir following at 12.20 – 1:00pm.
Cost: £20 per term (10 weeks at £2 per session)
For more info or to book: please call 01428 604941 or email us.