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We’ve been providing the highest quality music tuition here at Hindhead for over 40 years. Hopefully your questions will be answered below but if not, please feel free to call 01428 604941, email us, or use our Contact Us form to ask any questions you may have.

What ages do you teach?

The earlier you start learning music, the better! Our Mini-Music classes are a fantastic introduction for children from the age of four, helping them decide if they’d like to learn an instrument and if so, which one.

But if being four years old is a distant memory, rest assured that it’s never too late to start learning a musical instrument: in fact we have almost as many adult pupils as children, from complete beginners upwards. An important part of learning music, for many people, is the social aspect, and at Hindhead we even have an orchestra specially for adult beginners!

Which instruments do you teach?

It would probably be easier to list which instruments we don’t teach! But click on the following links to learn more:

The Centre doesn’t limit itself to classical music. As well as drums and electronic keyboards, we have many students learning to play folk, rock, and blues guitar, and jazz piano and saxophone, among others.

When can I take my (or my children’s) lessons?

For children there’s a huge benefit of taking music lessons separately from their main schooling. Coming up to Hindhead for their music means they’re inclined to treat it as something special, and so devote more energy to it; and of course, they will make friends with other like-minded children. What’s more they don’t suffer the disruption to their academic education of constantly missing double Maths on a Thursday morning! Our busiest time is therefore the after-school period from around 4pm to 7pm.

But we’re open from 9am to 9pm, Monday to Saturday, so the chances are that we can find a slot that suits you and your children. Indeed, many parents bring two or more children up to Hindhead for simultaneous lessons (and maybe even slot one in for themselves)!

What about orchestras, bands, concerts and so on?

Playing music with others, or in front of others, can be one of the most rewarding aspects of learning a musical instrument: in both cases it’s an opportunity to share your new-found skill and the pleasure you derive from it. We actively encourage Hindhead students to take part in concerts and ensembles. We have orchestras and groups designed for a wide range of instruments, ages and levels of achievement, and there are opportunities to play in concerts, both in our own small concert hall and at external venues. Most of these groups and events are free of charge. More details for children here, and adults here.

Do you do exams?

In general, we believe that exams are invaluable for providing a measure of achievement and an incentive to practise, but of course, they’re not for everyone, and no student is asked to take an exam unless he or she wants to.

If you do wish to take an exam, it’s important to be well-prepared and achieve the best mark you can. So every term we hold (free) exam rehearsals and assessments in the exam room itself – we host both ABRSM and Trinity exams on our premises, so students can take their exams in familiar surroundings. This has helped us achieve remarkably good results over the last ten years: our average mark at ABRSM exams has been 127 out of 150, against a national average of just 117.

Can I hire a practice room?

Yes of course!

  • A small room with an upright piano costs £5.00 per hour
  • A room with grand piano costs £10.00 per hour
  • Concert Hall (our Recital Room) costs £25.00 per hour

Please call 01428 604941, email us, or use our Contact Us form to book in advance.