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Individual tuition

Would your child like to learn to play a musical instrument? Whether it’s piano, wind, brass, percussion, strings or guitar, Hindhead Music Centre is an inspiring place to learn, and has just the teacher to get her or him off to a great start!

We also have tutors who specialise in teaching the young and the very young, including the Suzuki method for violin for those who choose it.

Tuition is one-to-one (although group playing is also encouraged). Normally pupils will have one lesson a week of half an hour, during term time. All tutors are DBS checked and have child safeguarding awareness certificates.

Not sure which instrument to choose? Our Mini-Music course runs each school term and can help children aged 4-7 decide!

Cost: £248 per term for 10 lessons.
For more info or to book a teacher: please call 01428 604941 or email us.

Click here for our guide on when to start learning, and how to choose and buy an instrument.


Do you have children aged 4-7 who are interested in music? Sign up now for our term-long weekly Mini-Music classes!

Each week, the children are introduced to at least one orchestral instrument. They hear it played, see how it works, have a go themselves, and draw a picture of it to take home. The children learn how to write basic rhythms as well as the very beginnings of how to read music. All in a fun, exciting way!

As the sessions progress, they listen to music and learn about different composers and their music. There is also the opportunity to sing and learn the first few notes on the recorder.

Many children attend Mini-Music for two terms, while others go on to begin learning an instrument.

When: Mini-Music classes run on a choice of Wednesdays or Thursdays between 4:00 and 4:35pm.
Cost: £75 per term (10 sessions x 30-35 minutes)
For more info or to book: please call 01428 604941 or email us.

Suzuki Violin

At Hindhead, we have specialist Suzuki-trained violin teachers who offer tuition to the very young.

Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy was that children learn to speak their mother tongue by listening to their parents (Chinese children come to speak perfect Chinese, French children perfect French, and so on). Equally, children can learn to play the violin by listening, long before they are able to read music, just as we are able to pronounce language before we read it. Once they are able to make a beautiful sound and play in tune, then we can begin to teach the children sight-reading.

Regular group sessions are an important part of the system, when young violinists come together to play musical games and to hear each other perform the pieces they are learning.

When: Individual tuition by arrangement. The group sessions are on Saturday mornings, at 9:00am and 10:00am.
For more info or to book a teacher: please call 01428 604941 or email us.

Preliminary Piano Group

We run term-long group classes for very young beginner pianists (aged about 5-6). Through games and puzzles (and a five minute daily practice session), the classes introduce children to the piano in a fun way, with the aim being to encourage and inspire them to enjoy practising. The classes serve as a good introduction for going on to individual tuition on any instrument (not just the piano), and work well as a follow-up to Mini-Music.

Places are limited to four children per class, so it’s worth booking ahead if you are thinking about starting your child on piano or another instrument over the next year.

When: Tuesdays, 4:00 – 4:30pm
Cost: £100 for a term of ten sessions (includes work book)
For more info or to book a place: please call 01428 604941 or email us.

Children’s Recorder Group

Many children find this class a valuable follow-up to Mini-Music, especially if they are not quite ready to play an orchestral, wind or brass instrument.

For more info or to book a place: please call 01428 604941 or email us.

Children’s Orchestras

Thursday Beginners Starter Orchestra (violin, viola, cello, bass) is for children aged 7-9 from pre-grade 1 to grade 2 who can play and read all the notes in first position.
When: Thursdays between 4:40pm – 5:15pm.
Cost: £20 per term
For more info or to book: please call 01428 604941 or email us.

Surrey Young Strings are two groups of violin, viola, cello, and bass players.

Surrey Young Strings 1 meet every Saturday in term time between 3:30 – 4:30pm. The players are aged 11-15, grades 5-7.

Surrey Young Strings 2 meet every Saturday in term time between 4:30 – 5:30pm. The players are aged 9-12, grades 2-5.

Conductor Jo Hughes-Chamberlain has an infectious way of passing on her great enthusiasm and passion for music to her young players. As well as improving their sight-reading, the players also learn to listen to each other, follow a beat, and become part of a complete sound.

Cost: £25 per term; siblings £20 per term.
For more info or to book: please call 01428 604941 or email us.

Children’s Choir & Opera Company

Children aged about 6 to 12 make up this wonderful group who love to sing. Led by Sarah Thomas, they perform a wide variety of music, from music theatre to opera and lieder.

The Choir is one way we feel we can encourage a love of music in the young at minimal expense to parents – just £2 per session! We’re always looking for new members of the two choirs (junior and senior), and encourage musical children who can sing in tune and are happy to make the commitment to come along! There’s always a concert at the end of each term. The children make new friends from different schools, and the emphasis is on performance, good singing and fun!

When: The Junior Training Choir meets each week between 11.50am – 12:20pm, with the Senior Choir following at 12.20 – 1:00pm.
Cost: £20 per term (10 weeks at £2 per session)
For more info or to book: please call 01428 604941 or email us.

Children’s Concerts

The Centre holds a number of concerts given by pupils, with the object of giving them the experience of performing to a friendly audience composed of their peers, parents, and friends. These opportunities help the children to learn how to polish and present their performance, to perform rather than just play, and to overcome any problems of nerves.

None of the concerts described below are intended as showcase events, and all the performers are volunteers.

End of term concerts

The end of every term is celebrated with a children’s concert at 7:00pm on the last Saturday of term. This is followed by a party to which all performers and their friends and families are free to come.

The concert is open to any pupil to play, and so provides a wonderful cross-section of performers from 3 to 4 year old violinists to adult postgraduates. Auditions are held a week or so ahead, and the requirement for prospective performers is the same for all our auditioned concerts – the performer must be able to play his or her piece accurately and musically, regardless of whether it is a pre-grade 1 minuet or a Chopin ballade.

Admission is free and is open to anyone to attend – and to enjoy the party afterwards!

Teachers’ concerts

Many of the teachers hold their own pupils’ concerts. We also put on regular Beginners’ Concerts, 9 Years & Under Concerts, and various other events which encourage children to share their music, and help them learn the art of performance.

Groups of children are often asked to give concerts at local venues such as care homes, which are a valuable experience for all concerned.

For more info: please call 01428 604941 or email us.

Harp Groups

There are three groups of young harpists who meet at regular intervals to play together. They play music arranged for massed harps, with the advanced group having performed at concerts and receptions all over the Home Counties. The group also visits care homes and hospitals at fairly regular intervals. Over the years, they have played to royalty and at the Proms in the Park.

The ages range from 6 to 15 years, some playing small folk harps and others large concert ones.

For more info: please call 01428 604941 or email us.

GCSE and A Level music tutoring

Does your child need extra help with his or her GCSE or A Level music course? Our one-to-one tutors can cover all of the following:

  • Music theory
  • Analysis of music and set pieces
  • Aural skills such as dictation
  • Interval or cadence recognition
  • Composition techniques
  • Essay writing
  • Technical study help

All exam boards are covered.
When: Saturdays or weekday evenings
Cost: £240 per term of five hours or ten half hours
For more info or to book: please call 01428 604941 or email us.