Do you have children aged 4-7 who are interested in music? Sign up now for our term-long weekly Mini-Music classes!

Each week, the children are introduced to a different instrument of the orchestra. They hear it played, see how it works, have a go themselves, and draw a picture of it to take home. The children learn how to write basic rhythms as well as the very beginnings of how to read music. All in a fun, exciting way!

As the sessions progress, they listen to music and learn about different composers and their music. There is also the opportunity to sing and learn the first few notes on the recorder.

Many children attend Mini-Music for two terms, while others go on to begin learning an instrument.

When: Mini-Music classes run on a choice of Wednesdays or Thursdays between 4:00 and 4:35pm.
Cost: £80 per term (10 sessions x 30-35 minutes)
For more info or to book, please email us or call 01428 604941.